“If we’re going to be effective at caring for others, we have to know the landscape of the human condition. We, in many ways, will walk it together, dropping the idea of directing the journey or getting anywhere in particular, but staying open to being awestruck by what’s actually there.”

-Karen Laing

Our Work and Vision

Healthcare that Heals

At WisdomWay, our courses and training are built from a desire to bring compassionate care to families and new parents while providing a sustainable business model for doulas and lactation educators.

Awareness, Integrity, Evidence-Based Knowledge, and Skills.
Our training provides self-reflective care practices and offers a process for creating more meaningful relationships with clients. We believe in creating sustainable processes that keep in mind the health and wellbeing of the caregiver and the care-receiver.

You’ll learn about the art of effective communication, how to empower those you serve, and how to maintain self-awareness and self-compassion as you care for others. You’ll also gain a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and learn how to collaborate within a healthcare team and the family’s chosen circle of support.

Training with WisdomWay provides you with the most comprehensive, in-depth foundation to be an expert in the first year of a family’s life. You’ll receive mindfulness-based and relationship-centered skills training that will support you in this and other careers.

Earn the trust of your clients, the respect of your referral partners, and a career that is sustainable and nourishing.

This is a different kind of doula training.

The WisdomWay Compass of Mindful Caregiving


The Compass of Mindful Caregiving merges 4 Domains of Caregiving that will transform your care relationships. You and your client will benefit from this approach. You will develop more authentic, trusting relationships, and you’ll experience less caregiver burnout.


Skills & Knowledge

We’ll provide up-to-date knowledge from industry experts and teach you the skills needed to support the health and wellbeing of your clients. Our lessons focus on newborn development, emotional health, family environment, nutrition, lactation, sibling relationships, trauma support, patient advocacy, and diverse family needs. You’ll be an expert, but you’ll also expertly know how to empower your clients to trust themselves.


Right Relationship

You’ll learn the art of listening and communicating with greater awareness and sensitivity to your client’s needs. You’ll develop an outcome-driven approach that also accommodates the diverse needs of the families in your care.



You’ll learn how to manage the change process as you help families navigate this new stage of life. You’ll understand how to collaborate on decision making in a way that respects the autonomy of families while also providing insight based on your experience and training. You’ll learn the art of collaboration and advocacy so your clients get the most out of their support systems.



Open your heart to all those in your care, and to yourself! With mindful awareness, you’ll more easily recognize your needs and the needs of others. You’ll model the importance of self care and non-reactivity by nurturing yourself and sharing those learned skills with family members in your care.

Be the changemaker you wish to see in healthcare.

If you feel a calling to help others. To be there through a time of powerful transformation in the lives of families. It’s a powerful thing in a world where kindness is diminishing and shame and judgment dominate parenting conversations.

You want to be a birthkeeper. To empower. To cultivate connection and trust for new parents.

You want to bring compassion, respect, dignity, acceptance, and healing.

Join us in working towards reproductive justice and healthcare that heals!

You’ll learn how to care for newborns, fragile babies, support siblings, empower parents, guide lactation, heal bodies and hearts recovering from trauma, prevent complications and mood disorders, support adopting and LGBQ / TGNB families. You’ll help families grow and develop meaningful relationships during one of the most impactful life stages.

When we get caught up in hope, happiness relies on a certain outcome. To be a heartful caregiver, we abandon that ‘goal’ oriented way of thinking and we train to be in full and fearless contact with what is actually happening, not what might be or what might be escaped. When we convey confidence, and compassion, we offer something more unconditional, more authentic, than hope. Hope can come and go, but this kind of caring, is boundless. – Karen Laing

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"Let’s do this work together to bring the kind of caring presence that heals "

Karen Laing