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WisdomWay Doulas

WisdomWay doulas are the ultimate specialists when it comes to supporting parents and their newborns.  In one course, you'll get thorough foundations in lactation, postpartum recovery, newborns, siblings, and family emotional wellbeing.  You'll learn how to support families with complications, vulnerable or premature infants, sleep issues, mood disorders... if there are challenges, you'll know how to skillfully support, and to serve as a powerful ally. The course is grounded in best-practices, thorough knowledge, and relationship-centered approaches. When you combine doula training with the Compass of Mindful Caregiving, you have the skillful presence and compassion to meet every family with the right care for them.

Learn with WisdomWay, and gain the tools you need to reduce stress, decrease burnout, become a more effective caregiver, and maintain a sustainable, profitable career.

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Face Challenges with Compassion and Skill

A medically fragile infant.​ A parent with a mood disorder.​ A lactation challenge.​ A challenging family dynamic.

While there are universal themes to parenting, each family has their unique story, victories, and challenges. And those needs change over time.  Doulas are there to fill the important role to empower, inform and support families through one of life's most amazing journeys.

When you're invited to be a part of it, you want to practice with integrity, with skill, with sensitivity and confidence.

How can you be prepared to meet what you're not familiar with?
Mindful awareness is the ground. 

Monthly Reproductive Case Reviews

Staying on top of the evidence, and getting peer AND expert guidance has now gotten easier. Join WisdomWay Case Reviews and experience a whole new level of mentorship and peer support. Grounded in the Compass of Mindful Caregiving, you’ll gain wisdom to provide the care your client deserves, AND the caring, nonjudgmental community support that makes your work sustainable.

The Science Behind Mindfulness

Neuroscience research tells us that mindfulness increases focus, sustains attention, improves problem solving abilities, and helps cultivate meaningful relationships.  We find that these tools are essential for those that care for others. Whether it's staying steady through a difficult birth, modeling calm with a fussy baby, avoiding mistakes that could be dangerous, or building our confidence to connect with new clients or referral partners, mindfulness practices support doulas, birthworkers and health professionals to be more effective, while preventing burnout.

Decrease startle habituation
EMG study found those who meditate regularly are more adaptable to change.

Long-term attention neuroplasticity 
Mindfulness creates greater neuroplasticity between default brain and attentional centers. When we can train our attention on the present moment, symptoms of anxiety and depression are abated.

Increase problem solving adaptability
Meditators found to have greater flexibility when solving complex problems. We are less stuck when we can see broader possibilities.

Positive impact on relationships
Mindfulness decreases stress reactions, improving communication, and playing an important role in trauma-stewardship. Participants in our courses say they not only have better client relationships, but report impacts on their parenting and relationships.

Learn. Practice. Shift. Sustain.

First Year Specialist

Where Doula Skills Meet Mindful Caregiving

WisdomWay’s First Year Specialist program provides the educational framework and support you need to meet your clients’ needs. It was founded and created by Karen Laing who is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor (MBSR), midwife, and lactation consultant. She also trained at Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach and founded Birthways, a thriving Chicago-based doula agency 23 years ago. Birthways is one of the longest-standing, largest, and most successful groups in the country, thanks to their culture and their training. This training, long recognized for its quality and outcomes, is now available to you.

Karen not only lent her vast experience to the development of this program but also her framework of the Compass of Mindful Caregiving. Want to learn more about the Compass of Mindful Caregiving? Check this out!

This online dual certification program works to meet your fundamental needs — whether this is your first doula training experience or you’ve been a doula for years. You choose which WisdomWay doula certification program better fits your experience and needs.

Your comprehensive WisdomWay training will provide you with up-to-date doula skills. It also provides a supportive and experienced community to lean on and a foundation of self-care and self-awareness that will change not only your way of serving others but your way of being in the world.

Interested in learning more about our First Year Specialist Program? Check out our coursework here and sign up for a free premature and vulnerable infant care guide below!

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"Let’s do this work together to bring the kind of caring presence that heals."

Karen Laing