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Online Doula Courses

WisdomWay doula training provides you with the most comprehensive foundation to be an expert in the first year of a family’s life.

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First Year Specialist / Postpartum Doula Certification Course

Be the changemaker you wish to see in caregiving and parenting. Our mindfulness-based approach stands out from other programs because it gives you the tools that research indicates makes doulas and their careers most successful: The attention and sensitivity to understand your client’s needs; the ability to mindfully listen and honor their experience and inner wisdom; and empowering care, compassionately and skillfully given. 

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Consultation and Customized Training

We've built our training on direct experience serving the community with a model that has been respected among health & mental health professionals and appreciated by families for decades. We would love to partner with you for training, supporting your teams, providing Relationship-Centered Care initiatives, or building your support programs.

Learn. Practice. Shift. Sustain.

Our programs are mindfulness-based because we believe that this is the key to transforming care and empowering and connecting with clients. Whether it’s staying steady through a difficult birth, modeling calm with a fussy baby, avoiding mistakes that could be dangerous, or deepening relationships, mindfulness practices support doulas, birth workers, and health professionals to be more effective while preventing burnout.

Karen Laing, the founder of WisdomWay, is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor (MBSR), midwife, and lactation consultant. She also trained at Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach and founded Birthways, a thriving Chicago-based doula agency.

“If we’re going to be effective at caring for others, we have to know the landscape of the human condition. We, in many ways, will walk it together, dropping the idea of directing the journey or getting anywhere in particular, but staying open to being awestruck by what’s actually there.”

-Karen Laing



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Karen Laing